Mission Statement

Hope you aware that Deaf Empowerment Activities For Literacy Education Accessible Development Empowerment Rehabilitation & Sports of Deaf Leaders is registered trust and a NGO initiated in March 2003 by our Team with the focused objective of contributing to the betterment and understanding of DEAF people in India. It strives for the integration and main streaming of DEAF persons by creating facilities for the utilization of their skills / abilities, to enable and empower them to lead more meaningful lives as full members of society.

The LEADERS also make serious attempts to dispel some of the sterotyped images that the general public has of deaf persons and is a focused advocacy organization emphasizing the rights of deaf persons. Towards this the leaders are imvolved in a wide range of activites from publishing and highter education at university level to employement culture, recreation, legislation and human rights. The LEADERS believe that if the opportunities are given at the right time, anything is possible. All it takes is an open mind.